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ESA Skilled

 The Electrical Safety Instructions ESA Work contains instructions for safe working around low-voltage and high-voltage installations.

12 h

Custum location

Certificate Wattityd, Energiföretagen Sverige

Company-adapted, Open Oppertunities


ESA Skilled is for you who are going to work around low-voltige and high-voltige installations.  


The goal is to make you understand and apply ESA to your specifik work around low-voltige and high-volige installations.. you will have knowledge of the hazards assiciated whit the work and the workplace and how to avoid accidents


We educate at your location.

  • ESA Principles.

  • ESA Work.

  • Background ESA and ESA funktions.

  • Electrical hazards.

  • Accident scenarios.

  • Responsibility.

  • Organisation.

  • Safe communication.

  • Management measures and working procedurs.

  • Planning and performance of work.

  • Work without, close to and with voltage.

  • Parallel powerlines.

  • Final exam.


We apply Energiföretagen learningmodell  GROW wich means that the education are adapted to yours circomstances.

Lengh of the education

12 hours of teacher-led time.


Certiefied teacher by Energiföretagen Sverige. 


Certificate through Wattityd, Energiföretagen Sverige- Swedenenergy - AB.


The education repeats every third year and then goes by name ESA Skilled Repetition.

Do yoy need to repeat your ESA Skilled with ESA Skilled repetition?

Take a look of what education you can book as an open oppertunitie

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