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ESA 21 Instructed repetition

ESA instructed repetition targets personnel who will only do non electrical work where there is electrical hazards and must repeat ESA.

4 h

Custum location

Certificate Wattityd, Energiföretagen Sverige

Company-adapted, Open Oppertunities

Education ESA 21 Instructed

The education provides you who are giong to perform non elektical work in an enviromental with elevtrical hazards, knowledge and tools to provide electrical hazards. The education is obligatory to all who needs access/entry to workplaces wich applies ESA.

For who

The education ESA Instructed tagets you who perform non- elektrical work close or inside facilities with electrical installations. Exampels including security guards, painters, cleaners and yout who inspection or mabye projekt maneger, or you who have Workenvirement responsibilities. The education addapts to your specific role and workarea.


The goil is to make understand and apply ESA to your specifik work. you will have knowledge of the hazards assiciated whit the work and the wokplace and how to orevent accidents.

After completed education, the participant must, among other things:

  • Understand and be able to apply the work methods.

  • Understand what non-electrical work is.


Thecher-ledd educattion at your location.

Teacher-ledd online​.

  • The elektrical hazars.

  • Non electrical Work.

  • work methods .

  • Risk management.

  • Safe Communication.

  • Panning and performence of work.


We are applying Energiföretagen learningmodell  GROW wich means that the education are adapted to yours circomstanses.


No preknowledge is accouired.

Lengh of the education

The duration of the education is 4 hours of teacher-led time.


Certiefied teacher by Energiföretagen Sverige. 


Certificate through Wattityd, Energiföretagen Sverige- Swedenenergy - AB


Every 3e year.

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